The Comission

Modern & Vibrant, The Goal Was To Communicate

Being Bold’s first release, being clear and concise in terms of what the company intends to be and which products are bringing to market was key.

We closed tight to company’s General Manager for almost half a year developing products & finishings, as well as creating the overall brand’s style guide.


Amplius Expertise


Cru Atelier


Branding, Web Design


2018 / 2019

The Process

A Vibrant Yet Practical Catalogue

Beggining with an extensive review of brand’s culture, from its leitmotiv to visual masterlines, we enjoyed playing around the main concepts of ellegance and high quality standards the company aims to deliver with every piece.

As a result, we delivered a powerful catalogue that perfectly showcased the company’s products and values.

Goals Reached

Brand Positioning

Our main goal was helping the brand to introduce themselves into the market, showcasing their products and sharing their values underlying.

We are glad to say everyone cheered the release entusiasthically.