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What We Wanted To Do

Create a Solid Brand with a Unique Style

We developed a solid visual identity, based on colors that convey the company’s experience as well as their aim for becoming trustworthy partners for their clients, offering them not only their knowledge but their worldwide expertise dealing with all kind of civil engineering projects.


Amplius Expertise


Cru Atelier


Branding, Web Design


2018 / 2019

The Outcome

A Sleek Look That Conveys Reliance

The company’s main active is their wide experience into civil engineering worldwide, being created by 5 experienced senior executives who wish to share their knowledge by adding value to companies interested in the international construction bussiness.

Each member of the Amplius expertise team has more than 30 years experience in the business accumulated on the 5 continents. From technical knowledge and management of projects, through leadership and responsibility of business areas up to investment and acquisitions of companies, the expertise of Amplius covers the entire spectrum of the construction industry.

Visual Identity that Helps Communicate

Two Tone Visual Identity

The Hummingbird was choosed by its own nature: a unique on its own kind of bird responsible of pollination, that represents the company’s aim for helping their clients to expand and establish in new markets across the globe.

The color palette reflects reliability, positivity and optimism.