Mood boards
By: Cru Atelier
Date: 2020

The commision

Communicate new Compac designs through in Interior Design well known language

Compac wanted us to develop a series of new images to showcase in detail its new series and how they relate with different deco elements in order to land them via Interior Design & decorators, acting as prescriptors for the new designs.

We presented them side by side with some iconic products from well established brands from sectors like bath, kitchen and decoration.

This reinforced the way these prescriptors showcase their projects to clients through moodboards where relationships between raw materials, chromatic gammut and textures are properly shown.


Easily Customizable to match any project or style
As a plus, these series can be customized by the client in several ways, such as base color, percentage of aggregates and its caliber, combination between several aggregates (both in color and caliber)
As an extension, Compac also requested us to showcase some other materials for their Unique Collection, in a more ortographic view, as a «premium» option for more sophisticated interiors