The commision

Compac reached us to showcase their Obsidiana series

As part of their commitment with global sustainability, Compac recently developed the all new Obsidiana series, developed from glass waste that is putted back into the masket as part of their circular economy committal.


Cru Atelier


3D/CGI, Graphic



Our Goal

Showcase Obsidiana’s main features in a eye-catchy way

Using recycled products as main raw materials doesn’t mean that final product will be compromised when compared to the rest of Compac’s designs.

Obsidiana, wich claim is «Ethical beauty» gives designers, architechts, decorators and prescriptors new designs that brings them best of both worlds: ecology and conscioussness while keeping high end finishings and design upfront.

Carefully curated spaces that stand out

Having this in mind, we developed a set of visuals matched with clean and easy-to-read graphic layout so we can communicate their clients Obsidiana’s specs and features. Every design was covered through a set of high end interiors that stand out.