The concept
& developement

Based upon the initial brief of give born to new designs that takes Bold’s products to a new market, we designed a new range of self standing washbasins combining high end materials such as Solid Surface & Copper.

Solid Surface is Bold’s main raw material used for every washbasin, showertray or countertop they manufacture. Our idea was to make it even more elegant and sophisticated by combining it with other noble materials as copper, chromed and golden metals that help enhance the new design sleek & sober lines, resulting in a clean and atemporary design.

Color &

Different color combinations are available both for the mirror and the self-standing washbasin, so they always fit into any project no matter its style.

Also, for projects where copper, chromed or gold metal doesn’t feel like fitting in, color tinted solutions for the metal plate are available in both white & black colors as standard.
Customized RAL & NCS colors are also available under request. for more info, visit Bold’s website.