The commision

Two Many Chefs approached us to develope a visual identity that matched their vision

With Carlos and Tomi being modern, funny, cad and easy goging people, involved a non-corporativist identity to matched their vision.

We proposed a powerful visual language that involves their passion for asian cuissine and culture, closely tighted to their adventurer spirit and their non-conformism.


Two Many Chefs


Cru Atelier


Branding, Graphic Design



Our Goal

Giving Two Many Chefs a fresh and spicy touchwithout comprissing commitment and trustness

Carlos & Toni’s way of working cannot be understood independently from their unique way of being and relate to people.

Being so close to their clients, as well as so passionate about cuissine and all that’s related, as well as their nice personality with a little bit of blackguardness that doesn’t takes them from being comprised a hundred percent at every step of their adventure, it’s one of «two many chefs» main features, so it had to be clearly represented at their brand.

By using a clean but not too formal typography, related to a spiral symbol that speaks «mixing» (strongly related to their leitmotiv an DNA of both chefs), we tried to represent their bet on sinergies and how they can radically improve their client’s bussiness.

Red is the new black

Perfect Counterpoint:                                                                          the many «2’s» of 2MC

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Being so unique must be remarked, to communicate their unique workflow, but also a way to stand out from their competitors.

We use red to reinforce the fact the many «2» of the brand: two creative brains, two ways of thinking and behave, two attitudes (relaxed but commited, easy going but trustly, and so on…).

The result is a brand that talks plain language but reach its audience.