The commision

Showcase the iconic Na Xemena daybed from renowned brand Gandia Blasco

Ramon Esteve Estudio contacted us for making a new set of images and a video for its iconic Na Xemena collection, designed for the renowned company Gandia Blasco.

As shown in RE_E website, «Na Xemena House and the collection of outdoor furniture Na Xemena, both designed by Ramón Esteve, celebrate their 20th birthday.

The collection involves the introduction of Ramon Esteve to the world of design, in addition, to the beginning of the professional relationship with the signature Gandia Blasco. This collection arises as a response by the architect to a problem that was recognized in the realization of one of its architectural projects.

In the construction of the house Na Xemena in Ibiza, a name that was later to be adopted to the collection, arose the need to arrange furniture that responds to the philosophy of the House while adapting to all areas of the House. The furniture had to have very definite characteristics such as easy mobility, weather resistant, long-lasting and elegant.»