The commision

Create new spaces to showcase Compac’s Unique designs

Compac approached us to showcase new designs for its Unique series in modern wide spaces located at private & corporate locations.


Cru Atelier



Spaces developed for collaborate and endure

Unique collections aren’t just eye-catching…They are developed to last longer no matter where they’re placed.

Compac’s quartz based surfaces are strong and hard enough to be resist an intensive use, not just as surfaces or backsplashes but also even for being used as floor and wall cladding.

We conceived a set of different spaces that showcased these specs, such a shared rest area with kitchen into a corporate building in the bussiness disctrict showcased.

Designed to fit into any space

With this in mind, different typologies where displayed to widen Compac clients’ preconceived ideas of where their products can be placed.

Every collection was displayed in a unique architectural space made to purpose so the design is properly represented.

Private houses surrounded by natural landscapes, as opposed to more public and urban ones, helped us to complete the story and showcase the range of designs available.

This range of different locations and constructive typologies was conceived also to reinforce the concept of versatility and elegance that lay behind Compac Unique collection.

Made to match premium finishings in almost every style

Elegant and timeless, Compac Unique series distilles style and it’s easy to combine with natural premium textures such as wood, stones, concrete and so on.

The perfect solution for almost any project.